Kaswabuli Bubago Integrated Development Association (KBIDA) is a Voluntary local Non Government Organization (NGO) that was founded in 1995 through a vision natured and implemented by the Evangelist Christopher Besweri Kaswabuli, the Apostle of the Church of Isa Masiya in Uganda and abroad who has not only offered full time Financial support, but has gone the extra mile of providing a 30 acre block of land currently valued at 350 million Uganda shillings which all KBIDA projects and / activities are run. KBIDA’s main objective is to render due assistance to orphans, vulnerable and disadvantaged people (adults and children) and /or victims of war, some of whom, where given to the Evangelist/founder by the Isa Masiya believers from all over Uganda and abroad. Also focused at, are victims of other unforeseen calamities and diseases say HIV/AIDS in addition to Community Capacity Building through self help Development skills on an all-inclusive basis irrespective of background.

BIDA was fully registered in 2000 with National Board of Non Governmental Organizations under certificate No:-s.5914/3182. This registration followed the previous registration with the District Local Councils in 1996.


“A strong, healthy, productive, motivated and self sustaining community.”


To improve the well being of vulnerable people (adults and children) in a sustainable manner through provision of supportive services in Health, Education and Economic Empowerment for sustainable development.

Strategic Operational philosophies, belief and values:

We operate on the following values in order to achieve our aims and objectives;

  • Community participation and empowerment through working with the people and with what they have and helping them enrich their talents, with available resources for self-development.
  • Inclusive to serve all people regardless of sex, age, color, race, religion, political affiliation and creed.
  • Community management through guiding community members into developing self-management and responsibility to manage self initiatives.
  • Teamwork and community participation
  • Caring: KBIDA believes in caring of each other for community, household and Personal development
  • Pass over Gifts: We believe that passing on gifts enables the deprived to access basic needs and development on top reconciliation harmony development.
  • Patriotism: We believe that loving our country and our fellow citizens is the basis of teamwork for National Development


  1. Education
    Front view of Kaswabuli Senior Secondary School- Namutumba

    Kaswabuli Primary School Namutumba
  2. Health

    KBIDA team with visitors monitoring the status of the well at Kaswabuli Health Centre III.
  3. Organic Agriculture
  4. Vocational Training